Top 7 Benefits of Frameless Shower Screens


I this era, many people are more concerned about home improvement projects to make their homes classy. The bathroom is one of the rooms that is getting the most attention. Traditionally, bathrooms did not have lots of uses thus didn’t get the decorative attention like other rooms. Days back, it was not surprising to see a moldy shower curtain which has now been replaced by shower screens. The frameless shower screens contribute to the general ascetic appeal of a bathroom. In fact, it adds a lot of value to your house among other benefits. Here are the benefits of the frameless shower screen.


  • Visually pleasing

As a matter of fact, frameless shower screens Melbourne eastern suburbs are the most appealing shower screens you can have. The screens are sleek and classic thus offer a considerable appearance of space. At some point, the frameless screens will give you an illusion that the bathroom feels and looks bigger. Old shower screens limit visibility and are normally textured or frosted. Frameless shower screens are clear thus allow more light in the bathroom. They give the bathroom a trendier look.


  • Customizable

Frameless screens come in different design and size. The shower screens allow you to create custom solutions for your bathroom. If you want to renovate your showers, you can install customize frameless shower screens. The frameless screens can take the design of the rest of the house and thus the bathroom will have a perfect fit.


  • Easy to install and maintain

To most people, installing a new feature in their homes is a pain in the neck. Frameless shower screens can easily be retrofitted to fit your space. Thus you will not have to worry about making things fit a certain way. Frameless shower screens don’t require a lot of maintenance. You will only need to do the regular cleaning to remove water spots and soap residue.


  • Easy to clean

Compared to the old framed shower screens or curtain, the frameless shower screens are far easier to clean. Since they are made of clear glass that doesn’t stain, you can do the wiping with a cloth and glass cleaner. The absence of frames or metal edges makes cleaning the shower screen simple. Frameless shower screens give no dead areas and nooks for soap scum to build-up.


  • More hygienic

Frameless shower screens don’t give grounds for germs to breed as they do not attract germs. In fact, they have a non-porous surface that does not harbor bacteria or germs. As such, with frameless shower screen, you don’t have to worry about mildew and mold and their associated odors. If you are looking for a sanitary option for your bathroom, go for the frameless screens.


  • Durable

It’s arguably true that a frameless shower screen will last for decades. The frames are made with precision and are created to be long-lasting. The glass doors are durable, and the fittings are well-designed to last for a long time. As such, only a little or no maintenance is needed.


  • Natural lighting

If you prefer natural light in your bathroom, frameless shower screen is the way to go. They do not inhibit natural light flowing through the bathroom. For natural lighting, frameless shower screens are the ideal option.